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Small skulls by AlenDemon
My neighbor Cassidy is a super~future~lady. by AlenDemon
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My father, falling star by AlenDemon
Renaissance Man with Jam by Simanion
Noble Saint by Angelic-Rose11
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Everything But The Heaven by AlenDemon
Baphomet by DOK-FITZ
the value by DOK-FITZ
Dark and Macabre
Grey beauty by AlenDemon
Haunted TV by koenprincen
The Devil Carries It by AlenDemon
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Rose2 by Myronavitch
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Sinbad by BlastArtworks
'Hope and Fear' by BlastArtworks
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Loveraiser by koenprincen
Dalai Lama by koenprincen
Spongebob Braincoral by koenprincen
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no more courtin' for Froggy by CapnDeek373
Salvation by DOK-FITZ
pragmatism by DOK-FITZ
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I'm burning by DOK-FITZ
night night by DOK-FITZ
ring by DOK-FITZ
Zaibatsu by DOK-FITZ
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A Negotiated Settlement by jbbartronart
The King of the Golden Hall by peet
!volumego.ALTered() by DOK-FITZ
The Rescue of Maedhros by peet
neural interface by DOK-FITZ
Concious and Political
Peace Explosion by koenprincen
Graduates Mutants - Class 66/6 by AlenDemon
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Group Info

This is where tongue-in-cheek meets aggression,
Somewhere between pretentious superiority and the bored mania of mad creators

Please try to set your art into some level of an appropriate folder,
and don't hesitate to ask for amateur critique, analysis, or start any random discussion on any inane bullshit or philosophical concept. Have fun guise!

Surrealism, Dark Comedy, Abstract Poetry, Prose, Short Stories
Postmodernism, Low Brow, Dada, Fluxus, Animation, Photography...
Most anything goes.
Most; it must be creative, traditional, or at least extremely stylish.
We are unique, not because we say we are but our work shows it.
nearly everything posted on this Godforsaken site is either awful, pandering, edgy, "OC," or some unholy combination of the above.
Degeneracy, everywhere.
We may not be the best, but we are clearly separate.
All their poetry, forced rhyme and predictable topics.
All their "high-quality" art just regurgitation of trends and overdone niches.
Fuck all that.
This is a highly critical, bitterly sarcastic group that stands against the low denomination and will spread like cancer no matter the numbers.
Even if it's just me splashing about...
This is Anti-Art, Punk, just do your thing, make your craft, and I'll purge the idiots/degenerates/edgelords/furries/fandoms/low-quality/fanfics.

Oh and yes I'm aware of how subjective and downright hypocritical this entire text is.
Go fuck yourself, who cares?
Or don't, I certainly don't.
Founded 2 Years ago
Nov 14, 2015


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Art Creation

43 Members
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Short of making this a literal blog post, within the last year I've been increasingly interested in the way artists (and people in general) identify with their art, fashions, writings, design inspirations and music they subject themselves to on the daily.

(Hi guys!
I'm so glad you're throwing things in here, I was afraid of coming back to a wasteland
And here I see a post-apocalyptic utopia of sorts, full of flourishing artists and their ideas on full frontal display

It's similar to full frontal nudity.
Discomforting on some primal level, but in a way that makes you think back like
"Wow that actually happened.
Fucking awesome(?)."

Unsurprisingly the dark subject matter and odd dada-glitch collages has overwhelmed the balance I set out for.
No matter, I'll continue hunting down works.)


Tell me this, dear wayward reader, what do those aforementioned things mean to you?
How do the subjects you enjoy spark a flourished interest in your life, and what of those sad saps who don't even create art of any kind have, in terms of effect, on your production?

Do you feel the average body shambling around their day to day schedule has any impact on you or anything of any relevance in their likes, dislikes and dress of choice?
That the actual everyman can matter in a world devoid of care for anything but the so-called latest and greatest?

Or are artists in some elite category in their ability to unleash subject matter, new aesthetics and trends, sociopolitical commentary and power in an easily digested format that can speak to anyone that's ever vowed to give a fuck about anything?

And for the love of Christ, without understanding someone's point and inspiration how is one to classify their life/genre/style/culture/category and label them appropriately?

This is a stream of rambling discontent that'll matter to none of you in the long term, but please spare me a thought.
I'm quite curious, you lovely not-so-weird-but-weird-enough-o's.

What do the things you care about do to you?
And how do you think they affect the less artistically-inclined?

Thank you for reading and possibly replying, have a jolly good day!
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Tolkyes Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the request!
DrAnnonymous Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Twas a pleasure to find!
peet Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi there - I'm really honoured by your kind words and for the invite - thank you so much! :D
DrAnnonymous Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm honored by your kinder expression of gratitude and entry, 
Thank YOU so much!
peet Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
ADAtheQueenOfHEARTS Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks a lot for the invitation)
Really appreciated :heart:
DrAnnonymous Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I appreciate YOU, not a problem!
CapnDeek373 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks from the Cap'n by CapnDeek373  for the invite. This looks like it's going to be a very interesting place.
I've read your latest journal entry on your own page, and I can see that you've got a
few issues with things in your own life, but it also looks like you're dealing with them in a good way.
This group is certainly gonna be a part of that.
I'm kinda curious as to how you found your way to my stuff (I had a great and funny conversation
with Richie Stotts about "stuff" a couple weeks ago, and how we all have too much "stuff",
but that's another story, which may need a piece of its own art devoted to it. LOL)
Anyways, I'm curious as to how you found me. I do consider myself as a bit of an
odd duck, probably a bit crazy - art and music has probably been part of the cause of that,
but it's also been helpful with that and taken me a long ways in life.
Looks like that's starting to happen to you. too.
Yer a youngin' and you've got a long ways to go yet
(and here I am sounding like an old fart) but it looks like you're on a good path.
I don't feel like I'm as old as I am. I still listen to both the Ramones and The Band,
the Dead Boys, and the Stones, Siouxsie & The Banshees, the Kentucky Headhunters, and B.B. King.
And I still watch cartoons.
It's funny when I hear people talk about the youth of today...
I think to myself that they're no different than I was! LOL. I wonder if my parents'
generation thought the same way about my generation! LOL
Anyways, thanks for the invite! Great concept!
DrAnnonymous Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I am. A this point, all I do's an extension of coping endlessly in one weird, massive spiral, 
It's coming of age given an actually attempt at articulation. 
My journals are more important to me than anything else I write or act upon, and as such 
It's not too odd to say they're like an extension of my many physical notebooks but without the clutter of daily routine. 

I found you while sifting endlessly for odd, equally likely crazy/creative artists using the ultra-specific categorization system then my own insane filters of what's overdone and what's tongue-in-cheek etc.

I'm trying to get to a point where I find new things, people, ideas and inspirations automatically, and liven up the dullness of dA that's categorized my use of it in general past seeing pre-teens clamoring and the too-famous-to-talk to. 

I like the social aspect of artists, seeing how people are and tick, 
And while I wish it was as simple as reading their journals, 
I look at weird artists and wonder HOW they got this way and if they're aware or even enjoying their alien status. 
It's projection, yes, but curiousity. 

I'm getting into Siouxie & The Banshees myself, although I'm the only one my age to know about them. 
I've always identified with older generations, not to say I hang around them. 
It's all so bizarre. 

I look forward to seeing how your head ticks, your thoughts on mine, and what I can do with this bastard group. 
Thank you!
CapnDeek373 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks! No problem. There really is a lot of cool creative people here.
The hard part is sifting through the snobs (of which I have encountered very few)
And the masses of young kids doodling on lined notebook paper or way too into Creepy Pasta, memes, and the like.
I've been very surprised at seeing what younger generations are into these days.
They seem to be a lot more into the kinds of things their parents are into.
Even I find myself getting more into what my parents and grandparents were into these days.
(Along with some of the things that people who are a bit older than me were into.
People who would have been an older brother or sister to me. (I don't have any older siblings).
But a lot of my friends my age do. Heaven forbid we'd be into the same things they would be! LOL)
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